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Theresa Stanley

Owner / Nail Artist

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Hey Beautiful ladies and Handsome gentleman!!!

My name is Theresa. Some of the names I go by are Tree and/or T. I was born and raised in New London, CT but have settled with my love over the bridge in Groton, CT.  I am the wife to my AMAZING husband of 35 yrs, YES 35....and LOVE every minute of it still. I'm a mom to two ABSOLUTELY AMAZING children, a 32 yr old daughter and a 29 yr old son who are my heartbeats walking this earth. I'm also a GLAM'MA, the title I LOVE most, to two FABULOUSLY ADORABLE and PERFECT Glam 'babies, Princess Hazel, who is 6 and Prince Damien, who is 5. EVERYTHING stops for them, EVERYTHING!!! My family is my entire world. I enjoy family vacations and if it has Sun, Heat and Ocean even better. I'm a spiritual individual and have a deep love for Christ. I'm a natural giver and you can find me often by water when I just need serenity. 

I've always had a love for beauty!! Not just on the outside but the inside as well. "WE ARE ONLY AS BEAUTIFUL AS WE ARE INSIDE". I started working in the Corporate world and all though I loved doing that I was still missing something. I did some soul searching and realized I LOVE to uplift people in a way that only beauty can see. So 29 years ago I left Corporate America and decided to pursue my passion which is NAILS.

I have been doing nails for 28 yrs, been an OPI Brand Educator for 21 yrs, and has owned my salon now for 12.5 yrs. There are no words to express how this love/passion has enriched my life and has truly BLESSED me!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE what I do, it's my TRUE passion and so self rewarding that it has made me richly BLESSED! There is no better feeling than having  your client come in feeling like the pressures of life are weighing them down, we all at some point struggle with life’s pressures, but after taking  the time to #selfcare  and allowing us to pamper their soul, they feel like they can take on the world. It's AMAZING what a little color on the ends of your toes and some sparkle at the ends of your finger tips can do for you! You walk with a little more confidence and your head held a little higher! 

I'm constantly elevating my craft by learning. When I'm not at training or teaching for OPI I'm in someone's classroom.  OPI has helped me tremendously and shaped me into the Nail Artist that I am today. I have had the privilege to travel to many states and teach fellow nail artists this amazing craft. I have worked for several notable designers for NYC Fashion Week, I have worked with some major editorials,  and have been honored to work with celebrities.  My Cup Truly Runneth Over and I am humbled!

I have invested almost 30 yrs into this industry and I have to tell you, I don't regret one day of it!

My motto:

~COLOR IS THE ANSWER~  Color has the power to change behaviors, redefine culture, and improve our world. Whatever you want to say, however you want to feel, THERE'S AN ANSWER IN EVERY COLOR~

Blessings and love from yours truly! - me

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